The Hero Tik Tok Needs

Birt 3 maí 2021
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  • Dude let the cat fall tf they have 9 lives why would you risk your one to help it

  • What do they call these types of videos? There sure are a lot of them out there. Phone Destroyers?

  • piss chips

  • I think its safe to say that he loves children

  • Hey cody have a look at sssniper wolf

  • please make a reaction video to these karens

  • The thing giving me anxiety is the way he is tossing the kid in the air!

  • Number of likes = Number of neglected children saved

  • 2 girls once table topped me and broke my wrist on god

  • His name is Esmer? As if the haircut and general cape-wearing didnt make him punchable enough.

  • He saves the same kid over and over from the same Mom. Plot twist: This is his kid and wife, and it's all set up.

  • Tik tok is cancer

  • I can't believe how people just follows these stupid "humans" on tiktok, thanks for sharing Cody.

  • The stab one is crazy, he broke her phone now she can’t call for help 😀

  • no one gonna talk about how bro be just handling that kid way worse

  • As soon as I heard the music 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Kody you need to react to the fetish Facebook videos of the woman with a manicure making unusual combinations and talking suspiciously...

  • Bro he almost hits the baby in the head with the phone 4:22 nice

  • Thought this video was sponsored by CASETiFY for a sec there😂

  • At 4:23 I thought he slammed the phone onto the back of the kids head for sec lol

  • ooo cody ko discover tiktok jelek

  • My friends tabletop pets me in middle school and I sprained my vertebrae

  • The worst part is that he is smashing bouncing glass objects onto the ground i.e. child eye level

  • This is the ultimate epitome of a savior complex.

  • anyone think it was gonna be Wiley? xD

  • Saves child....almost hits child with phone

  • 5:28 and then he throws the camera guy's phone into the ground at speed only matched by world record stone skippers

  • Smashes the case*

  • I like how they throw that kid around like a damn football. Giving a toddler whiplash for some TikTok clout.

  • At first Turkish tik toks were our national problem but now it's a global pandemic.

  • the punch was social fistanced

  • I don’t know why but watching this video makes me want to hit myself in the face

  • 6:20 the bad ending 😔

  • he had the perfect chance to say "piss n chips"

  • i’m turkish, his name means “your brunette” and i’m both amused and having secondhand embarrassment because of his content. my flags are at half mast

  • This is the first video I have seen of Cody Ko, and the first word I get to hear him say is daddy

  • omg freaked me out to hear the outro extended a bit longer past where it usually cuts

  • Real gasper the moms busy watching his tiktoks while hes saving the kid

  • Every indian tiktok ever

  • The cringe I had to go through watching this turkish guy as a turkish person- 😩

  • I think that kid is just trying to run away from his horrible parents or he is trying to KHS but its a close call lol

  • pls keep ur hair this length forever bc *chefs kiss*

  • 6:34 Bruce Wayne's origin story

  • I kinda want an edit of him walking away in black and white with the song "cool guys don't look at explosions" playing in the background

  • can't believe cody referenced the "tastes like piss" joke that was literally the backbone of my humor for way too long

  • why does that fake pregnant lady look a bit like alena lmao


  • dude they have the same hair

  • OMG this guy turkish and we call these people as a "kro". Hkşkfdfhklhfdghj

  • Reminds me of the Dhar Mann of Tik-Tok

  • This poor baby, he’s being thrown around so harshly and being forced to act in these violent videos. poor thing is so fucking confused

  • cody im sorry to break it to you like this, but you kinda look like that guy with no neck from 90 day fiance

  • Finish love island shit was hilarious

  • Just realised the poor child was crying after the first clip. Wth esmer u using children and harming them for ur content.....fucked up. Lol

  • cody: i would save a kitten from a tree the tree: 6ft tall*** cody: uhhhh nvm

  • alternative video title: Dhar Mann: The Early Years

  • if you just met me and you tell me you have a tik tok account, i automatically have less respect for you.

  • You showed a blue iPhone and then a gold one... how rich are you Cody??

  • phones hate him

  • life lesson.. join the Russian mafia. *adidas track suit*

  • can you please break a tik tok down like a sports play? like with circles and lines and shit? ok thanks

  • Thank, Cody for the breakdown. I had no idea what the fuck was happening, back to you!

  • Wassup with that niggas hair

  • How much do you want to spend on phones to smash? Handsome Man: Yes

  • Ok writing this as i watch it: -only about 3 minutes in and so far this guy has a very anti-phone message for a guy filming these on a phone -holy shit i thought he yeeted the phone at the kid -dude just got fuckin murdered in front of a guy. ~edgy ticktok alert~ ~fuckin gross

  • omg lol never expected a lame Turkish Tik Toker in your video lol and his name means "your brunette (guy/girl/due/whatever subject)" es-meh-ree-neez

  • Soooo i kinda feel obligated to tell you that his name is NOT esmer, esmer just means brunette in turkish and esmeriniz means your (plural) brunette anyway i wanted to share that piece of info

  • Kinda shit vid ngl

  • Hey Cody! Your hair looks nice.

  • 4:23 I thought he threw the phone at the kid

  • L.fao... maybe in more populated places more public neglegent parenting happens so much more exponentially rapid than we can comprehend. Thus the need to start a ticktok trend.

  • The air punch bending was what got me. He flopped onto the ground and continued to stalk the same mom for more tiktok videos

  • what happened to the other dude

  • these videos were actually hard to watch.

  • I thought this dude was about to smash the phone this toddler head

  • I love how the camera man just sits there like nothing is happening

  • 𝗖𝗲𝗼 of breaking phones

  • the crab sound as you’re walking filming a fake tiktok i can’t handle it

  • So, in the abduction one, she can’t call the cops because he broke her phone right before he gets stabbed. K

  • Imagine if this was not scripted

  • the slow mo swag of a responsible bad boy

  • Esnerinizzz, abducting children and destroying private property since 2016 or whenever the fuck TikTok was made

  • Imagine.....the kid being "saved" over and over again growing up. Thinking this is how to behave in public. Walking around, smashing phones on the pavement, rolling in front of cars, handing kids and babies to random guys.

  • 💀💀💀

  • How u findin these accounts 💀

  • He nearly hit the kid with the phone no?

  • your videos have gotten so bad

  • This dude Esmier or whatever hair keeps pissing me off for some reason

  • Hahaha...the comment...the city is probably littered with phones...hahahah!

  • That poor kid lol

  • Slow Mo $wag

  • Anytime I hear that type of music in a tik tok I immediately know it’s going to be another next level genius type of stupid.

  • Ayooo he is Turkish and this is the dark side of Turkish tiktok lmao

    • @Doğa Demirel cidden bu kadar Türk olmasını istiyor musun?

    • @blaurn z no he’s turkish. his username and all of his tiktok captions are in turkish.

    • no he is indian🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • 7:45 like she wouldn't notice they're soggy and smell like ammonia.

  • 6:15 too bad that wasn't real.

  • Is 1:30 N&A productions?

  • nooo you found Turkish Tiktok 😭😭😭 run away as fast as u can!

  • so proud of my race...

  • Two things: 1) I like that it’s the same phone in all of them. 2) I like how said phone doesn’t break but just kinda bounces.