Siblings Look Through Each other's Phones

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  • That video can't actually be real omg

  • Noel and cody go trough each others phone

  • The clumsy woolen partly annoy because soprano nationally whistle concerning a second-hand brand. abject, amuck surfboard

  • i love how many of them are gay bahah, the siblings 💜

  • i lost it when cody made a joke then looked around the room to see if anyone laughed... YOURE ALONE CODY 😭😭😭😭

  • In my man’s defense I feel like a Green Day concert would be pretty baller

    • Nevermind watched more of the vid I dislike him heavily

  • I could barely make it through this video but thank you Cody

  • i lost it when cody made a joke then looked around the room to see if anyone laughed... YOURE ALONE CODY 😭😭😭😭

    • no people link the video so is the video taken down

  • Put this vid on the slowest speed and it looks like Cody’s on so many drugs

  • I love how Creampi's text messages sound like a tiktok pov when read aloud

  • The sophisticated dad originally fade because soil jelly tow except a big valley. hissing, silent pvc

    • surprising. 28 wouldn't be 'surprising' either, but uh I don't care for details

  • I think Cody is a Green Day fan!

  • girl girl girl

  • What are you doing bro?

  • i will neverrrrr get tired of cody's reactions to cut

  • those two lgbt siblings were hilarious. the gay energy radiating from them was so powerful

  • What the fuck is this why would they do that

  • Kody you need to react to the fetish Facebook videos of the woman with a manicure making unusual combinations and talking suspiciously...

  • Okay but how about buying some #creampye $PYE

    • I like the way he said creampi

  • 'creampi and the pray reminder' sounds like a superhero duo

  • I’m dyinggg 🤣🤣

  • cody is a greenday fan good to know.

  • no people link the video so is the video taken down

  • The slow zoom in effect is a no go. Not a fan. But good video.

  • Cody out here making fun of Greenday but then knowing all the songs and lyrics

  • I'm 20 and I have two brothers. I'd do this with one (24), but not the other (28). It's not the age gap, I just like 24 better and anything on our phones wouldn't be that different or surprising. 28 wouldn't be 'surprising' either, but uh I don't care for details

  • twins from 22 jump street

  • reminder: creampi

  • dOnT lOoK aT mE lIkE tHaT🗿

  • *eye cream*

  • Make another Crea Tyler video

  • You can say that man was getting brain stew

  • Creampi 😍

  • I like the way he said creampi

  • Creampi 😻

  • This has to be scripted, i take dares but i could NEVER

  • Creamπ

  • Cream pie 😂

  • icream is easily one of codys best jokes in a while

  • my man was on Demon Time

  • imagine having someone going thru ur notes app. i think i would pass away

  • this is BY FAR the funniest one ever

  • creampi

  • you look like the busker at your local shopping center that evryone hates but thinks everyone knows and loves you and you definitely say a speech after every song even when theres no crowed. and when a little kid gives you a 5 dollar note you dont accept it to get respect from the parents.

  • 6:10 - iScream. Come on, you're not even trying

  • That guy has a 3.14159265359% chance of the girl texting back

  • ~do you have the time 🎶 I FUCKING HOLLEREDDDD CODY

  • okay but it seems like that one person might’ve had they/them pronouns and cody referred to them as “she” 😐 did anybody else notice that or find that weird?

  • *Paid actors look through "eachother's" phones

  • ngl cody, you look absolutely done in your thumbnail

  • 😂😂😂

  • Imagine one of these videos but they end up finding CP on one of the dude's phones.

  • cody u sound like my us history teacher ❤️

  • this is so fucking funny i cannot man

  • Creampi is infinite 88

  • Haha HELL NAW, no one is looking through my phone, none of anyone's business, I don't care who you are. That's my private stuff.

  • Cream3.14 😍

  • *creampi*

  • iCream

  • The “girl, girl, girl” duckcall was EVERYTHING. Please tell me that’s exclusively ours (Canadian’s)

    • USA here, we did the "girl girl girl" thing too in elementary school - step off, other continents, this is North America's thing! (lol)

  • I thought I couldn't make it through the entire video... But I did.

  • Haven't watched Cody in a while. Forgot how much I always enjoy his shit. Cody AND Noel. Gotta love em both.

  • sheeesh sophie looking fine af

  • omg, tht first guy. if it were my brother, tht wud legit scar me for life.... like ewwwwww.... tmi.....made me realise how my phone is boring as heck. u'll get mostly food, scenery, workstuff n selfie with friends....

  • tht wud legit scar me for life.... like ewwwwww.... tmi.....

  • Creampi

  • was watching this with my high roommate in the room and in the middle of all the creampi stuff she just says "i want a pie..."

  • Your daily reminder to pray.

  • this should have been kn an episode of thats cringe, the brother and sister

  • So the white guy and the black girl are siblings.....? Ok, stepbro-stepsis...... adopted bro-adopted-sis.

  • lol this is dope. The remix is better some times than the original - s/o to skin care 🔥🥷🏾

  • Cut your hair cody

  • Personally me and my sisters talk about sex and stuff going on in our lives like that but I'd rather die than have that convo with my brother lol So I could probably go through my sisters phones and not be scarred but I'd rather die than do my brother's phone

  • as soon as i saw this video on my recommended i went to YOUR channel

  • in reference to your ending comment ~*~ pics or it didn’t happen 😂🙃😏

  • She's gonna have alot to pray about tonight.

  • Creambie

  • sister's phone: "A reminder popped up, to remind you to pray" brother's phone: "A reminder popped up to remind you to creampi"

  • cody used the wrong pronouns for the duo of siblings. the sister clearly refers to their sibling as "they" "their" "theirs" :')

    • @Neena np

    • @Neena My mistake. My mind just automatically made that assumption. Thanks forthe correction.

    • @aspebb i understand it was most likely a mistake but at the start of our section i referred to us as siblings. nobody calls us sisters in the video

    • thank you 😭💕

    • I think that mistake is a bit more understandable considering they were referred to as "sisters". Initially went right over my head.

  • The look he gave about the obviously step siblings is how I look if anything at all ever is questionable ever at all

  • My friends mom taught this man right here

  • The other older brother looked at his youngest after reading those messages and they both made that look...."We'll talk about it later" lol!

  • cody knows what juxtaposition means...?

  • Creamping is a part of life

  • “You woke me up when September ended in that car” has got to be the best quote of the video

  • wow

  • Fully expected Cody to yell for Kelsey during his creampi joke

  • Creampi 😍


  • dang codys teef looin white affff

  • 9:47 is that dice arisugawa in their camera roll lmao

    • @Neena hypmic nation RISE

    • hypmic nation rise up

    • It is 😭 Neenas is a huge hypmic fan I just fw Dice

  • Yes

  • i feel bad for this dude having to make these forced vids for a kid audience. sheeeit


  • White guy looks kinda like Bucky barns

  • Yo Cody, this was mad uncomfortable to watch since Neena is non-binary and you misgender them multiple times. Their sister refers to them as they/them and you just sort of ignored it, it seems. I’m non-binary and it just hurts a lot to come to your video for a laugh and see someone like me being disrespected, I had to say something.

    • @Kate T no u

    • Touch grass

    • literally no one cares

  • just holy shit dude for the love of GOD STOP GIVING ME FUCKING CUT. i really dont like leaving hate comments but holy shit dude counting awkward dating show, this series has 12 cut like videos rn at least. please man give me thats cringe season 2

  • I am white and have a black half-sister because she has a different dad.

    • Biracial or black ?

  • One guy's Names is John, the others is lennon. -_-

  • 9:26 *PewdieMaticStressDisorderrrrrrr*